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Camaraderie, Collaboration, Creativity, and Craft Service - On set is #MyHappyPlace
(Click images to enlarge - or don't) 
Tonka shoot
Monopoly Shoot Peeps
Breaking & Entering w/ coffee!
Dynamic Duo
rule+breaker #Idontsmoke
GoGo Shoot
Littlest Petshop Shoot
LPS Shoot w/DJ Tanner & daughter!
Ann Lee & I on top of the KM World

I'm an honest person who likes to make stuff up. 

I defy rules responsibly. 

I'm detail-oriented, a strategic thinker, a soulful storyteller

(while all true, if this makes you puke a little, I'm with you and will even hold your hair back).

I have a love/hate relationship with the Oxford Comma. 

I can play Scrabble, build brands, and herd kittens simultaneously. Seriously.

                              I'm great with consumer insights because I'm an insightful consumer.

Wanta know more? Contact me! 

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