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WhoWhatWear for Target - Who? OG Online Fashionista Founders of What? Pushing the boundaries and accessibility of Street Style through an unending social presence, web content, and a recent retail partnership with their own Target. Mic-drop. 
InStore & Social
Aerosoles wanted to up their game as fashionable not just your Grandma's comfy go-to shoe. So #FashionThatFeelsGood seemed the perfect fit for their online, social, print, and in-store initiative.
#FashionThatFeelsGood for all!
Bloggers love #FashionThatFeelsGood
Influencers 4 #FashionThatFeelsGood
Website, Print & Instore
Website, Print & Instore
Website, Print & Instore
#FashionThatFeelsGood all over IG!
God's Love We Deliver - How do you exponentially increase fundraising efforts and generate buzz to grow a younger set of donors to keep this wonderful non-profit running for years to come? Enlist a few key influencers and celebrities, like Robin Lord Taylor, to #SpreadtheLove and create a huge Social push to encourage a #GiveUpGiveBack movement, and of course host an amazing party! 
#GiveUp a coffee or two
#GiveUp a bottle of wine
Volunteers share their #GiveUp
#GiveUp to #GiveBack
RobinTaylor's IG
Robin Taylor spreads the news on IG
#GiveUpGiveBack OOH
#GiveUpGiveBack OOH
God's Love spreading the word.
#GiveUpGiveBack Fundraiser
Konica Minolta - The brief to pitch this new biz was 5 pages of heady info on their products and services - but they wanted something irreverent, amusing, and consumer-friendly to communicate their capabilities. We sold them with the analogy that nobody really cares how a microwave works, they just care that their food comes out hot. Voila! Winner, winner chicken dinner!
Nobody Cares What We Do
Nobody Cares What We Do
Nobody Cares What We Do
Maybelline - Taking online, social, print, and POP to the extreme with Color Sensational Powder Mattes.
Matte lips don't lie_
Instore POP Display
Social share
Cross promo/Influenster
Mwah! IG Influencers
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